About Us

Education Marketplace

A revolution educational marketplace for the educational establishment.

We are  proud to be actively participating  in giving shape to the vision of an educated India and our services through www.schoolbookhub.com plays a vital role to achieving this dream.  

School Book Hub is a marketplace of B2B supply of education books for the educational establishment. Our services guide and  help educational establishment identifying potential books from best school book publishers in India. 

Get Quality Books at a DISCOUNTED RATE, which may be delivered at your educational premises, benefiting your students.

Technology Partner

www.schoolbookhub.com, the website is operated by LYD Technologies.

LYDtech is collaborative Technology, Software and consulting company. LYDtech is building Next-Generation business ideas into reality”.

LYDtech is a place of many diverse minds including engineers, artist, developers, consultants, and leaders. 

Strategic Partner

Krypta Analytica

Krypta Analytica is collaborative research, technology, software, and outsourcing company. 

Startups Ecosystem solutions help create an ecosystem and helps Startups building their Ideas into the possible product. Rapid Prototyping and developing Minimal Viable Product to test the market with other value-add services for growth.